Who We Are

We are a family-owned and operated business with great passion in zipper since 1990s. Throughout two generations of leadership, we grow rapidly which is a testament to the quality of our zippers, and a lot more. We are not just a professional zipper manufacturer specializing in zipper for bags and luggage, but also highly experienced zipper solutions provider for clients who want to be globally competitive.

What We Do

Since we started we have been working every day to solve problems in the fashion industry and supplying high quality zippers to a wide range of international clients. Driven by innovation, quality and expertise, we devote ourselves to zipper for bags and luggage and we have put great effort in research and development to achieve perfect balance between smooth sliding and strength, excellent non-oxidizing ability and compliance with the most stringent applicable standard.

What We Believe In

Our mission is to provide the best possible consumer experience for end users and make sliding a real pleasure and by doing so, to create extra value for our clients. We believe our zipper is not just a zipper; it represents our values, integrity and creativity and speaks to who we are.